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Featuring: Asim Johnson
Thank you: Mike Lamberta (WDI) |Kirk Laubenstein | Coalition for Economic Justice



Featuring: Gabrielle Burton-Hill | Loretta Manning | Ronzell Smith
Thank you:
Rae MD Leiner | Community Solutions
WDI: Mary Jane Bertam



Featuring: Jeanette Zoeckler | Keila Arencibia Cespedro | Barsham Mohamad | Yagoub Gamaa | Holly J Klock-Lyons |Niesha Hill |Talira Jones | Lincy  Philip | Sasha Robinson | Makeba Ward | Timothy Beaudet | Tonya McNeal | LeDonna Lundstrom | Jasmine Baullerson | Mariela Barrientus | Cheyenne S. Scriuens | Kabria Mansaw

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David Goodness
(WDI) | Occupational Health Clinic Center | SUNY Upstate Health Clinic



Featuring:  Anthony Barton | Daniel Delgado | Ray Miller

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Sonja Brown (WDI)



Featuring: Tiana Jennings | David Miller | Mark Reese | Morgan Berry

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Douglass J. Buckley | Lynn Fried(WDI) | GreenVision/Greentopia


Long Island:

Featuring: Aaron Walters- Lopez (sp) | Kimberly Saget

Thank you:
Anita Halasz (Executive Director Long Island Jobs With Justice)
| Rosalie Drago (WDI)


NYC + Capital Region

Featuring: Jose Sanchez | Dominsha Jennings

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Rachel Cohen SEIU 32 | Barrie Cline | Alec Meiklejohn


Featuring: Colleen Jennings | Staci Bowman

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Mary Jo Ferrare (WDI) | Mary Mott (WDI) | Majorie Holt | Cornelia E. Brown



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Victoria Kereszi, WDI Arts & Culture Manager
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